2020 Shalom-SCCRR Peacebuilding and School/Educational Development Achievements

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Our 2020 annual review highlights include Shalom-SCCRR work in conflict transformation and peacebuilding, school/educational development, and community development and health support. Our mission in Africa, is to work for a society free of physical violence and unjust social structures.

We reach to the most marginalized and vulnerable in the society suffering from extreme poverty and violent conflict. Shalom-SCCRR applies a comprehensive approach — a nexus— through its humanitarian-peace-development (experience-developed) design in the areas/locations of operation.

Shalom-SCCRR achievements are based on an organized team of highly qualified professionals, field experience, partnerships with local communities, religious leaders, state and non-state key stakeholders, and our openness to learning and being innovative to adapt to the changing needs.  

In 2020, Shalom-SCCRR applied an extensive amount of time, resources and expertise to support COVID-19 responses in counties affected by violent conflict. Through the 28 Shalom-SCCRR established Peace Groups (2,268 members involved), we were able to blend our peacebuilding approaches with public health responses while mitigating the effects of conflict.

Shalom-SCCRR is committed to the Sustainable Development Goal 4 [SDG4] which roots for quality education — inclusive and equitable education — for all. Education is and remains a fundamental human right, and is a requisite for the achievement of sustainable development. In 2020, Shalom-SCCRR completed 60 projects 33 of which were school/educational development in poor and marginalized zones of Northern Kenya, South Omo in Ethiopia, the South Sudan, and in the urban slums. 27 of the projects were supplies of Medical and Personal Protective Equipment (COVID-19 focused PPEs) to ill-equipped health centers in the Northern Kenya. More than 500,000 people were aimed to benefit from the health interventions. 

We continued to engage the 37 established and supported School Peace Clubs which through the well-trained members have become agents of conflict transformation in their schools and communities. The impact of Shalom-SCCRR Peace Education syllabus is evident in the change of attitude and behavior in pupils and students in and out of school. They also have a tremendous positive impact and influence on their parents, teachers and fellow school mates.

The achievements summarized above could not have been realised without the big-hearted support of our friends, donors and supporters all over the world. It is through your generosity we are able to reach our goals and enable communities who needed most to have a future of hope and fulfillment. In fact, all the tremendous work for peace and sustainable development impacting thousands of children and families, is your work and life changing contribution.

 You truly make the difference for us, and we are extremely grateful!   


Francis Mwangi MA: Monitoring, Evaluation, Research, and Learning Officer

Godfrey Okoth, MA, Shalom-SCCRR Director of Programs

Joyce Wamae Kamau, MA, Program Manager (Peacebuilding & Development, Urban Settlement Program).

Paulson Erot Tadeo, MA, Program Manager (Peacebuilding & Development), Northern Kenya Program,

Fr. Oliver Noonan, MA, Executive Director, Shalom-SCCRR, Kenya

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