Development Project

Kiambane Primary School

One of our most recent projects building this impressive new state of the art school for the children of Kiambane and surrounding areas.

Working to End the Cycle of Violence in the Tribal Lands of Eastern Africa. We want to empower Kenyans to build communities for all.

A Review of Our Recent

Developmental Project Building a

Primary School in Kiambane

Across rural Africa, many children have to choose between getting an education and being safe. Without classrooms, they are forced to study under trees, in all weather. They are exposed to the elements, distracted, and unable to learn. For those who do have some shelter, it is often unstable, with holes in the ceiling that let the rain in, leaving children cold and wet, and ruining their work.

With the help of our volunteers and generous donations of time and money, here at Shalom we were able to combine our expertise and experience and build a new state of the art Primary School in Kiambane so that the children there can get the education that they are entitled to in a safe, secure and loving environment. Now, the school boasts seven classrooms, a kitchen, books and desks and a playground, so that children can stay happy and healthy while learning.