Development Project

Marsabit County


Working to End the Cycle of Violence in the Tribal Lands of Eastern Africa. We want to empower Kenyans to build communities for all.

A Review of Our Recent

Project in Marsabit County

Shalom-SCCRR has, for the past four years, engaged communities in Loiyangalani in promoting sustainable peace and development in their area.

Shalom has successfully implemented this through interethnic-community empowerment and institutional development, particularly inter-ethnic and inter-religious schools and institutions. Loiyangalani is the home of four different ethnic communities; the Rendille, Samburu, El-Molo and Turkana.  In the recent past, there has been a cycle of dreadful violence between the tribes exacerbated by competition for natural resources, exploitation of those resources by a wind power plant, tribalism and political incitement.

a) Communication between each community has often broken down and in some cases descending into overt violence as in January of this year.  Shalom-SCCRR is on the ground persistently with the communities and has facilitated the resumption of negotiations/talks between the communities.

b) In the midst of all this are a number of schools supported by Shalom-SCCRR which are inter-ethnic and inter-religious and are providing a beacon of light, becoming an inspiration in helping the communities to re-engage in community dialogue with the expert guidance of Shalom-SCCRR. 

c) In May 2019, Loiyangalani Primary school was provided with desks, mattresses and solar lighting systems. The desks will reduce the number of pupils sharing a desk in classrooms from five to two, hence making teaching and learning much easier for both the teachers and the pupils. The solar panels and mattresses will help to improve boarding facilities at the school.