Development Project

Samburu County


Working to End the Cycle of Violence in the Tribal Lands of Eastern Africa. We want to empower Kenyans to build communities for all.

A Review of Our Recent

Project in Samburu County

Shalom -SCCRR focuses primarily on building authentic relationships with community leaders and elders, while also responding to needs within the community to strengthen the opportunities for development, particularly inter-religious and inter-ethnic education.

These newly initiated projects means over 1,298 girls and boys will have access to quality education and begin to actualize their full potential. The voice of these young people trained and supported by Shalom-SCCRR should not be underestimated, they will be future leaders of their community, generating a powerful movement of hope, creating a peace that will end the killing, maiming and displacement of their families.  Shalom-SCCRR with the help of many people worldwide is committed to these students and to their future as young peacebuilders.

a) Morijo Primary School in Samburu County received textbooks for class 4 – 8. Before delivery of the textbooks, 5 pupils used to share 1 text book. The school hosts pupils from three ethnic communities that is Samburu, Turkana and Pokot.

b) Shalom delivered solar units and laboratory equipment to Morijo Mixed Secondary School in May. According to Ms. Rose Losike, the Principal, the solar units will help the students to study in the evening and early morning. Solar energy will allow the laboratory equipment to operate in the school. The school hosts pupils from three ethnic communities that is Samburu, Turkana and Pokot.

c) Shalom delivered solar units to facilitate evening learning for the Barsaloi, Lchekuti (a school for shepherds). The young shepherds both girls and boys can only learn in the evening because during the day the boys attend to the animals while the girls perform domestic chores. Now with new solar systems, they have an opportunity to attend class.