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Thirty-five students enrolled for a course offered on the issue of Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation by Fr. Patrick Devine, SCCRR Executive Chairman at Tangaza University College from January to May, 2017, The course focused on various topics like the Paradigms of Conflict Management, Religion and Conflict, Women and Conflict, Just War Theories, Negotiation Frameworks, Reconciliation and much more. The intensive program allowed the students to critically and analytically discuss conflict transformation processes and peace building techniques with the intention of empowering them to be able to use these skills outside the class room.

Tangaza students’ graduation after the course

According to Gregory Amotto, one of the students, while expressing appreciation for the opportunity, stated that “it is important to help identify and employ the right tools to delve into the root causes of conflict and work in bringing a lasting resolution”. Likewise, Francis Nyibai commented on how the course strengthened his advocacy acumen, declaring that “as young citizens of Africa our aim should be at the front line to call and advocate for good governance and to promote forgiveness which will enhance reconciliation thus having a peaceful all-encompassing continent”.

Having such a positive and progressive outlook from the course continues to give us hope in the contributions that we make whether in the classroom or in the remotest corners of Africa. Our appreciation to Francis and Gregory and all the students for their expression of gratitude for the opportunity to attend the course.


By Mary Koech

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