At this time of intense difficulty in dealing with the coronavirus the Shalom Center for Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation, (Shalom-SCCRR) wishes to offer our support and solidarity to the endeavors of governments around the world.  Our heartfelt concern is with the individuals, families, and communities directly affected.  Shalom-SCCRR will be doing all it can to inform, prevent, transform and contain the spread of the virus. 

Shalom-SCCRR’s organizational capacity skills and prayers are with all those affected, and those committed to bringing the negative effects of this virus to an end.  Everyone should respect and adhere to their governments’ directives and advice.  Ensure that all people only rely on authentic credible sources of information.

Shalom-SCCRR will in particular focus on the marginalized conflict environments where it directly works.  The organization’s interventions will focus on disseminating the most up-to-date factual information about the virus and the promotion of peaceful inter-communal relationships to overcome the virus.  Shalom-SCCRR will do all in its power to ensure organized, rational, non-discriminatory, peaceful responses to counter the negative consequences of the virus.  In respect to our common humanity and compassion, we are all in this demanding challenge together. 

As Shalom-SCCRR interventions are in regions of inter-ethnic conflict and religious ideological extremism it is important that all adversaries in these zones urgently collaborate together to defeat the dangers of the coronavirus.    In countering the coronavirus, people need to be aware and operate on the premise that we all depend on each other in absolute interdependence.    The common major enemy is the coronavirus. This virus, like all others, has no deference for ethnic identity, nationality, religious belief, race, gender or social status.

This is not a time for inaction, self-centeredness, deception, laziness or insularism.  At this time Shalom-SCCRR, through its local community groups in 28 conflict environments, will operationalize all avenues and means of communication to reach and inform the influential opinion shapers in these remote marginalized areas.  We will do everything possible to empower these local community leaders (chiefs, elders, religious leaders, women and youth leaders, teachers, warriors, etc.) to be the architects and implementers of processes to respond to the threats and repercussions of the coronavirus. 

As an organization, we, the whole Shalom-SCCRR team need to be at our humanitarian professional best in proactively responding to the challenges of the coronavirus, especially focusing on areas where we are most needed.  Conflict prevention, transformation, peacebuilding, and reconciliation are important dimensions of countering the spread of the coronavirus.

We also bring to your attention the following link which may be helpful in dealing with different forms of real and unfounded experiences of trauma and stress.

Yours Sincerely;

Rev. Dr. Patrick Devine: International Chairman

Prof. Wanakayi Omoka: Director of Research

Fr. Oliver Noonan MA: Executive Director   

Mr. Godfrey Okoth MA: Director of Programs

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