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SCCRR’s fraternity acknowledges the vital role that women play in all walks of life in our society. In particular we wish to highlight their contribution to conflict transformation and peacebuilding processes at different levels of our communities. Their achievements are frequently immeasurable in terms of providing for basic human needs and actualizing potential. Women over the years have bore and wore scars of conflict. Many resilient women have transformed these negatives to enhance their capabilities as agents of peace and development. Shalom-SCCRR reiterates its commitment to contribute to the transformation of conflicts among communities in different conflict environs in Eastern Africa through its holistic approach of integrating of peace, justice and reconciliation into the fibre of inter-communal relationships and co-existence. To all women who are nurturers of peace and development in our societies, we recognize and celebrate your untiring effort and dedication in carrying the world with your bodies and hearts’.  We wish to also congratulate the Grace Institute in New York for their wonderful work of empowering women from all over the World, (Our International Chairman is a trustee of the foundation).

Happy International Women’s Day to you ALL .

Women in Ilemi Triangle, Turkana County.
















Esther Kibe,  B.A., M.A; Head of Communication Department

Asha Awed, B.A., M.A. Candidate: Intern

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