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“I was thrilled when I got the chance to get an internship at Shalom Centre of Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation (SCCRR). I am a student currently doing my A-levels in the subject’s chemistry, Math’s and Geography. Having studied topics in geography such as Power and borders, Human Rights, and Disease Dilemmas I have a growing interest in how conflict is created and how many factors attribute to finding the root cause of it. When reading about SCCRR I was intrigued to see how they empower local communities who are experiencing inter-ethnic conflict to be the “architects of their interdependent peace and development”.

Fr. Oliver Noonan, M.A presenting to Ms. Aekum with a thank you Shalom-SCCRR T-shirt

I had the amazing opportunity to work alongside the Shalom team and I got to see how committed, focused and passionate they all were about conflict resolution. Everybody in each department was very welcoming and worked remarkably with one another. It was particularly fascinating how qualified each person in their department was, allowing them to solve each issue perfectly and efficiently.

Shalom-SCCRR team were grateful to Ms. Aekum for her parting gift-cake after her internship.

During my time at SCCRR, I spent a lot of time working with data that had been collected in the form of questionnaires from Turkana County. When reading through this data, I was very impressed with the level of detail contained in all questionnaires, particularly those regarding gun control and recent weather patterns. This made me realize the many steps that are involved when trying to find the root cause of conflict. It was made clear that every factor has to be taken into consideration to ensure there is substantial evidence for conclusions to be drawn from.

The entire operation is handled with great detail and a mind set to be thorough. Although my role was very small in the entire process, I am very grateful to have been a part of it and to have learned so much”.

Sincerely, Ms. Aekum Mhajan

Aekum’s parents’, Mr. Tinu  Mhajan and his wife Kiran, welcoming Fr. Patrick Devine to their home.

Shalom-SCCRR is an inter-religious non-sectarian organization of highly qualified men and women working in conflict environments of Eastern Africa, with international registered support units in the USA, Republic of Ireland and N. Ireland-UK.  Shalom-SCCRR was delighted to welcome Ms. Aekum, for a short internship.  Her presence and work ethic during her time with Shalom-SCCRR were inspirational for all who met her. Ms. Aekum is a member of the Sikh community and is continuing with her studies at Cheltenham Ladies College, UK.  We look forward to welcoming her back again and we know she will be a noble ambassador for the Peace and development work of Shalom-SCCRR.  Our appreciation to her family for all their encouragement and kindness towards our peace and development interventions that are helping people living in marginalized locations experiencing terrible conflict and poverty.

Samburu women trained by Shalom-SCCRR in conflict transformation skills and peace-building techniques

By SCCRR-Shalom Communications Department

Esther Kibe, MA, Program Officer (Head of Communication Department, Shalom-SCCRR)

Asha Awed Said, MA Candidate, Program Assistant (Samburu & Nairobi Projects)

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