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Protecting children’s lives, securing infrastructure by Shalom-SCCRR at Kipsisiin Primary School in the volatile Kisumu/Nandi borderline

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It was jubilation and appreciation from the teachers, pupils and community for the development support offered to Kipsisiin primary school by Shalom-SCCRR.

The school’s headteacher Mr. James Abwasi Nyong’a had this to say,

this will change the atmosphere at the school, it will bring a positive impact on academic performance as the school community will not face any more challenges from the two communities, with an increased level of safety and security for everyone and everything inside provided by Shalom-SCCRR by constructing a fence and putting up a gate for the school.’’

Kipsisiin primary pupils offering their solidarity in the construction of the security perimeter

‘‘Kipsisiin primary school is located in Tinderet sub-county, Songhor division, approximately 19.5 kilometers from Nandi hills town. The school has a population of 248 pupils: 137 boys and 111 girls from different inter-ethnic communities. It is one of the schools along the Kisumu – Nandi border, the school has suffered a lot whenever conflict erupts between communities living along the volatile borderline. The school has often been turned into battle field with no fence to prevent dangerous adversaries from accessing the school. The school has also been a grazing ground for the two communities, and this has had tremendous effect on the pupil’s performance in co-curriculum such as games. Furthermore, the structures and furniture in the school have often been vandalized and some stolen by the people who graze around the school’’ noted Mrs. Ruth Nyakairu Njuguna a teacher at school.

Pupils of Kipsisiin Primary school celebrating the construction of security amenities for the school. ‘Thank you Shalom-SCCRR and donors for making a difference in our school’

The senior teacher Mr. Elphas Yego pointed out that, indeed fencing of the school will ensure security of pupils, lessen the chances of intruders from entering the school thus reducing the risk of vandalism of school property. Moreover, it will also help in defining the perimeter of the entire school premises.”

Offloading the Shalom-SCCRR construction materials for the building of a security perimeter at Kipsisiin Primary School

The deputy head teacher Mr. Joel Chumba appreciated by saying that, “the support by Shalom-SCCRR to this school will lead to easy monitoring when or why pupils in the school leave, hence limiting the cases of sneaking. The noise made by the motorbikes that used to pass in the middle of the school will be reduced hence making the environment serene and conducive for learning.”  

Community members participating in the ground clearing process on the onset of the construction of the fence

The  entire school community is thrilled to have Shalom-SCCRR’s support in the institution and other schools in the project areas. Through Shalom-SCCRR’s educational/development support; schools continue to be constructed, renovated and infrastructure developed. We acknowledge the support of our donors and supporters: you truly make a difference for pupils along this borderline and other conflict environs. The young children, their parents and communities continued to be extremely grateful to the generous concerned donors worldwide for all their generousity chanelled through Shalom-SCCRR.

By: Arthur Magero Abonyo, MA

Shalom-SCCRR Program Officer (Kisumu-Nandi & Nakuru Projects)

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