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Shalom Interventions in Tanzania

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Shalom supports community center in Tanzania

Fr. J. Machota (SMA Regional Superior), Fr. P. Devine and Fr. T. Gill (Project Coordinator) at the site in Mwanza.

Shalom has engaged in peace and development initiatives with various ethnic and faith communities in different regions of Tanzania for a number of years.

In 2013 the Society of African Missions, Tanzania (SMA) requested Shalom to assist in building a large community center to foster reconciliation, education and development in a deprived area in the city of Mwanza, on the southern shore of Lake Victoria in Tanzania.

Shalom responded positively to this project as it is helping bringing greater cohesion among people from various ethnic and religious communities in the area, many of whom are poor and neglected. Throughout Africa, such conditions are often characterized as “social pressure cookers,” where the disadvantaged populace find it hard to meet their basic human needs and actualize their potential.

If such situations are not addressed through well thought-out conflict resolution and development initiatives the danger of civil unrest unfolding is always on the horizon; “a stitch in time saves nine” or as the local population say in Swahili: “if you do not repair the crack eventually you will have to re-build the wall.”

Shalom recently continued to support the progress of the project. The work of the SMA missionaries in Africa since 1859 continues to promote peace, justice and reconciliation throughout the continent. Shalom offers congratulations to Fr. Janus Machota from Poland and Fr. Tony Gill from Ireland, and the various members of the different ethnic communities, associated with this project, for their vision and hard work.

Local residents, a mother and her baby, eagerly  await the completion of the project.

Local residents, a mother and her baby, eagerly await the completion of the project.

Shalom received this letter in response to its efforts in Tanzania:

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