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Esther Kibe (standing) facilitating a group activity with participants from Suguta MarMar in Samburu County

“My desire has always been to retell the African discourse in a narrative different from that of helplessness and desperation. This interest has prompted me to interrogate the inadequacies in development and policy issues that have led to unending disputes on matters of Natural and National Resources, Human Rights Violations, Inequitable Distribution of Resources, Droughts, Insecurity, Poor Disaster Management, Radicalization among others. The ostentatious inadequacies in addressing these issues have in turn led to protracted conflicts; some of which have escalated into intra and inter community as well as intra and interstate wars.


Shalom Center for Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation (SCCRR) has provided me an apt platform and opportunity to practice and apply the knowledge and skills obtained in my peace and conflict studies. Shalom’s vision of tackling the root causes of conflict and its holistic approach in transforming conflicts in the horn of Africa have reinforced my motivations to work for peace among communities in and out of Kenya.

As I graduate with a Masters in Peace Studies and International Relations, I not only stand confident but also steadfast in the course for peace for I know it’s with the efforts of people like me and organisations like SCCRR-Shalom that people are assured HOPE and PEACE.”

Esther Njeri Kibe,
SCCRR- Shalom 



Jude Ilo (left) with a translator during a workshop on natural resource management in Kainuk, Turkana County

“Shalom Center for Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation (SCCRR) is the foundation of my peacebuilding profession.

As an organization committed to restoring peaceful co-existence between conflicting communities in Eastern Africa, SCCRR offer internship opportunities to individuals, mainly graduate students in the field of Peace and Conflict Studies, International Relations, Comparative Religion, Political Science among others.

As a Masters of Arts student in Peace Studies and International Relations, SCCRR granted me an internship opportunity. It has been a delightful experience in Shalom as I have gained enormous peacebuilding skills over this period of time.

I am now better equipped to embrace my career as a peacebuilder with confidence and having gained a Master’s Degree in Peace Studies and International Relations, the peacebuilding knowledge and skills which I acquired in SCCRR will be remain my guide.”

 Jude Nnamdi Ilo (Nigerian)




Shalom Center

Shalom Center for Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation - contact Fr. Oliver Noonan for more information.

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