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Women and Children suffer from an extensive range of horrendous violence in Africa’s conflict environments.

In 2022 Shalom-SCCRR established the ‘Shalom Empowerment Center addressing Violence against Women and Children (SEC)’ operational in an Informal Urban Settlement where 10 slum areas are either interfacing with each other or within accessible travel distance (https://shalomconflictcenter.org/eastern-africa-shalom-empowerment-center-sec-addressing-violence-against-women-and-children-concept-document/).

Since its foundation in 2009, the Shalom Center for Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation (SCCRR) has implemented over 600 school/educational projects in semi-arid desert terrains and informal urban settlements (mainly slums around Nairobi where 2.5 million people live today). To date, 191,496 pupils and students – girls and boys – are the beneficiaries of Shalom’s interventions. 29 projects are currently under implementation (https://shalomconflictcenter.org/2023-january-june-school-educational-development-projects-by-shalom-sccrr/).

Shalom is actively addressing the underlying causes of Inter-ethnic Conflict, Religious Ideological Extremism, Marginalization, and Violence against Women and Children, in 37 conflict zones https://shalomconflictcenter.org/ )

Presently, 1,170 women from these areas have been carefully selected to be empowered in the analytics causing violence and transformational peacebuilding techniques.  These women – influential opinion shapers – are committed to an 18-month training cycle, and continually implementing action plans emerging from the tutelage to prevent conflict and attend to the symptoms of violence. 

The ‘SHALOM WOMENS CENTER’ needs your help to train the women, and to empower the development of improved school/educational facilities identified by the women in the Slums and other Marginalized Terrains.

The Walk will be in Clifden, County Galway, Ireland, on Saturday, 18th of November at 12 noon.

Click on the link to Donate: idonate.ie/fundraiser/shalomwalk

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