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I, Ms. Asha Awed, am excited to take up an internship at Shalom Centre for Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation (SCCRR). This organization is a world renowned interreligious organization. I am a Kenyan Somali national with a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations majoring in Peace and Security Studies from United States International University – Africa. Currently, I am pursuing a Masters of Arts degree in International Relations and Diplomacy at the United States International University (USIU).

Asha Awed – SCCRR Intern

My recent travel to Somalia and Burundi, as well as my Peace studies, have inspired further interest in Conflict and Peace Studies. My internship program at Shalom Center for Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation (SCCRR) will hopefully enrich my theoretical acumen and provide me with the necessary practical skills to enhance, understand and analyse the situations of manifest violent conflict and structural violence, which prevail and persist in Africa.

The knowledge and information which I hope to attain from my experience at SCCRR concerning Conflict Transformation, Research, Peace building, Problem Solving Workshops and the Peace-Development nexus should be invaluable. This process will further increase my comprehension of issues of political economy, economic-development policy, peace and very importantly post conflict reconstruction and recovery. As Shalom also has acknowledged expertise in dealing with issues of Environmental Conflict, Religion and Conflict as well as establishing vital institutional infrastructure to address basic human needs, I hope to become a highly qualified professional Peace Practitioner.

By Asha Awed



Shalom Center

Shalom Center for Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation - contact Fr. Oliver Noonan for more information.

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