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“A project without a critical path is like a ship without a rudder.” – D. Meyer

In 2019, SCCRR–Shalom will continue with its quest to transform protracted conflict, and nurture sustainable peace and development among conflict-ridden communities in Eastern Africa (Kenya, Ethiopia, South Sudan & Somalia). The organization is committed in its philosophy of holistic integration of peace, justice and reconciliation into the fibre of inter-communal relationships and co-existence. In the month of January, Shalom focuses mainly in planning for program activities to be implemented in the course of the year. Our school building and educational projects continue in sync with the peacebuilding processes. Moreover, as always, Fr. Patrick Devine, Ph.D (International Chairman) and Fr. Oliver Noonan, M.A., (Country Director) will continue imparting knowledge and skills on Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation to students at Tangaza University College. It is important to note that students from different nationalities and religious background have registered for this course including those undertaking the Islamic Studies course.

Shalom’s Godfrey Okoth, M.A, Director of Programs, training and engaging Samburu morans in Arapal, Laisamis Constituency, Marsabit County   

SCCRR’s development projects will focus in the actualization and completion of projects initiated at the end of last year in ten (10) inter-ethnic and inter-religious schools in Samburu, Marsabit and Turkana Counties. So far, one of these projects is in its final stages in Marsabit County and will be completed by the end of this month.

              Ongoing construction of a classroom in El Buru Magado Primary School, North Horr, Marsabit County, fully supported/ funded by SCCRR-Shalom.  

The pupils and students from these conflict environs through the development projects of Shalom and the local communities contributions are benefitting with the provision of teaching and learning materials, building and renovation of classrooms, supplying facilities such as solar lighting systems and their accessories, teaching and learning materials such as text books, desks, tables and chairs and medical, water projects and sanitary facilities for both boys and girls.

As always, our special appreciation goes to all our donors and partners for supporting our calling of transforming lives of communities in this part of the world. Thank you to all our donors and partners for making this a REALITY. Our gratitude also goes to the entire Shalom Team through the invaluable guidance and leadership of Fr. Oliver Noonan, M.A. (Country Director) and Fr. Patrick Devine, Ph.D (International Chairman). Shalom will continue working to create a peaceful environment where the most vulnerable, marginalized and poor population can live in dignity and safety in order to fully exploit and maximise their own potential. The organisation will remain focused in helping the conflict-ridden communities in Eastern Africa through empowering them with knowledge, analytical skills and mechanisms of peacebuilding and conflict transformation to enable them to be the architects of their own future by following effective paths to end protracted violence in their society.

 Authors by SCCRR’s Program Management Team & Peace Development Projects Officer

Paulson Erot Tadeo, M.A., Program Manager (Peacebuilding & Development Program, Northern Kenya).

Austin Ngacha Macharia, M.A., Program Officer (Peace Development Projects).

Godfrey Okoth Onyango, M.A., Director of Programs.

Joyce Wamae Kamau, M.A., Program Manager (Peacebuilding & Development Program, Urban Settlement).


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