Strong Irish Endorsement of the Work of Shalom(SCCRR); Society of African Missions (SMA), & Misean Cara (funded by Irish Aid)

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Fr. Oliver and Fr. Patrick together with Shalom staff in a recent visit to our offices by Mrs. Shalle Dahabo to coordinate the supply of education and development materials to schools in Garissa County, Kenya.

In Ireland – the home country of Fr. Patrick Devine, Executive Chairman, and Fr. Oliver Noonan, Country Director – the work of Shalom (SCCRR) has been acknowledged and endorsed publicly by the Society of African Missions, and by the state-funded Misean Cara which provided funding for that work from 2012 – 2017. This very positive endorsement is a tribute to the board of directors and the management team and staff of Shalom based in Nairobi, and to our various international donors who recognize that without peace there cannot be sustainable development to empower communities, improve education, enhance human rights, and alleviate poverty in Eastern Africa.

This acknowledgment is in line with the increasing recognition of our approach to conflict transformation and peace-building that is attracting attention throughout Africa and in many other parts of the world.

You can read more about this below:, ( Page.13).

We acknowledge the Society of African Missions and Misean Cara for your recognition and your strong endorsement of the high calibre of Shalom-SCCRR’s professionalism, methodology, administration, and leadership.

That endorsement follows an earlier Shalom-SCCRR invited partnership appraisal by Trocaire (development agency of the Irish Bishops’ Conference) whose Country Director (Paul Healy) in Kenya stated: “After the recent external audit of Shalom’s 2016 accounts as well as the capacity assessment exercise that we have just concluded with Shalom, we have found that your systems and accountability procedures have surpassed our criteria for partnership, and I would like to acknowledge the tremendous work that Shalom’s leadership have done in ensuring that the highest standards of oversight and integrity have been maintained and advanced.”

In his Executive Chairman’s Report for 2018 – –  Fr. Patrick Devine PhD stated: “In a review of our funding arrangements in 2017 we informed Misean Cara in Ireland of our decision not to seek further funding from them, and to concentrate on strengthening our collaborative working relationships with other donors in the years ahead”. That collaborative strategy with other donors is now being actively pursued.

The Executive Chairman also pointed out that: “During 2018, we strengthened our fundraising process in our supporting affiliate branches of Shalom. Internationally, we have registered affiliate branches in the Republic of Ireland, the UK / N. Ireland, and in the USA (Shalom Center of Africa -501c3).  Each of these entities has their own independent boards functioning as satellite support units to the work of Shalom (SCCRR) in Africa.  We continue to welcome the ever increasing number of individual donors to our support units. These partnerships enable Shalom (SCCRR) to become more autonomous, self-reliant and pure of purpose in line with our objectives for providing conflict transformation and peace-building programmes, educational development projects to schools and other development projects”.

Shalom (SCCRR) deeply appreciates the financial support and the encouragement of our donors and our affiliate branches which make our work possible. We are always delighted to hear from new donors or individuals wishing to get involved in one of our affiliate branches.

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