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An ongoing session with the women

Shalom-SCCRR continues to work and engage with marginalized communities in the slums of Nairobi (Mathare and Kariobangi) many of whom face social injustices and conflict. SCCRR’s progressive conflict intervention strategy in Kariobangi has identified that the engagement of women in peace related activities is often wanting thus hindering conflict transformation and reconciliation processes. The impact of conflict in these areas has been severe to often women and girls. They not only have to feed their families, but take up male responsibilities after their sons and husbands have succumbed to the terror of violence, resulting into psycho-social harm; physically and emotionally. This justifies SCCRR’s incorporating women as agents of Peace Building in all project areas.

The influential stakeholders including women are trained through a sequence of peacebuilding trainings, empowering them with imperative knowledge and analytical skills in Peace Building processes. Women’s role in both formal and informal peacebuilding activities has been greatly recognized and appreciated as they bear and wear the scars of the conflicts. The presence of these inspirational African women therefore in SCCRR- Shalom trainings in Kariobangi is key, as well as their invaluable contributions.

A group of women engaging in a discussion

In February 2018, the women among other stakeholders were trained on Conflict Early Warning and Early Mechanism (CEWAR). The training brought together two key groups; the youth and stakeholders. The main objective of the training was to enhance the capacity of the Trainers of Trainers (ToTs) on Conflict Early Warning and Early Response as an approach to Conflict Prevention enhancing their ability respond prudently to conflict situations. By the end of the training the trained participants had acquired knowledge on indicators and signs, steps of Conflict Early Warning and Response, Key Players in Conflict Early Warning and their Roles, Challenges to Conflict Early Warning and Early Response Mechanism.

     A group photo of SCCRR’s Team and Kariobangi Peace  Stakeholders after the workshop

SCCRR’s team is confident that the engagement of women is instrumental in Preventing and Responding to conflicts in Kariobangi and surrounding regions as such promoting peace and co-existence. Where would we all be without women!!


Author:  Asha Awed, B.A., M.A. Candidate: Intern


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