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As Kenya is faced with a distressing rise in femicide cases, the alarming escalation in such incidents has prompted widespread public outcry and ignited a renewed sense of urgency to address the pressing issue. Recent months have seen an unsettling surge in femicide cases, leading to public demonstrations in major cities across Kenya. Thousands of protestors-women and men, united in one cause marched major streets of the country bearing placards with expressive messages like #StopKillingUs, #EndFemicideKe, and #WeJustWantToLive, have fervently called for an end to this tragic trend. This collective outcry emphasizes the urgent need for comprehensive strategies to address and prevent further violence against women.

At the forefront of addressing violence against women and children, operates the Shalom Empowerment Center (SEC), an outreach program of the Shalom Centre of Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation (SCCRR). This center strategically focuses on mitigating various forms of violence prevalent in Nairobi’s urban informal settlements (slums) and the remote marginalized areas in Northern Kenya. The current surge in femicide cases underscores the critical importance of Shalom’s work in empowering women, fostering resilience, and creating sustainable solutions to the root causes of violence. Shalom-SCCRR’s Empowerment Center empowers key opinion shapers in the urban informal settlements. These women face multifaceted challenges, including limited awareness of their rights, difficulty accessing public services, and systemic discrimination deeply engrained in social and cultural norms.

In the year 2023, the Shalom Empowerment Center (SEC) made significant strides in its mission to empower and safeguard women. SEC successfully empowered 2,239 women residing in informal urban settlements and conflict-prone regions, equipping them with crucial analytical skills and effective peacebuilding techniques. Additionally, the center organized 56 workshops, directly benefiting 1,873 women. These workshops focused on imparting holistic livelihood resilience capacity, life skills, and other relevant courses essential for addressing both manifest and structural violence. These accomplishments underscore the commitment of the Shalom Empowerment Center to bring about positive change in the lives of women in vulnerable communities, fostering their empowerment and resilience against various forms of violence. Shalom-SCCRR deplores the femicide cases in Kenya and beyond.

In the face of escalating femicide cases, the Shalom Empowerment Center remains steadfast in its commitment to empowering women and children. Your support is not just an investment in programs; it’s an investment in creating lasting change and building a safer, more resilient society for generations to come. Together, we can make a meaningful impact and put an end to the tragic loss of lives through collective, strategic, and sustained efforts. We encourage the Government of Kenya and its citizens to increase their efforts in addressing violence against women and children (born and unborn). Shalom Empowerment Center (SEC) will continue to do its part.

Ms. Ilhan Ali Salah, BA (MA Candidate), Shalom-SCCRR In-Training Capacity Program

Mrs. Judith Akedi-Otsieno MA, Lead Project Officer-Shalom Empowerment Center (SEC)

Ms. Esther Njeri Kibe MA, Lead Project Officer-Mary and Joseph Life Center (MJLC)

Rev. Dr. Patrick Devine Shalom-SCCRR International Chairman

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