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Shalom-SCCRR School and Educational Institutions Along the Kisumu-Nandi Borderline in Kenya contributed immensely to its Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding Mediation.

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By: Arthur Magero Abonyo MA, & Francis Mwangi MA.

During the 2013 and 2017 general elections, Kisumu and Nandi counties in Kenya experienced deadly ethnic violence along the borderline. There was maiming, killing, displacement of human populations, and massive destruction of social-economic infrastructures such as schools, health centers, and markets. Among the factors linked to the violence included disputed general election results, long-standing boundary disputes, historical ethnic differences, and insecurity occasioned by frequent livestock theft incidents.

Shalom-SCCRR intervention along the Kisumu-Nandi borderline was initiated in October 2017. This was a response to an urgent invitation by the local government administrators, community, religious, and lay leaders to initiate conflict transformation, peacebuilding, and school/educational development projects.

Significant School/Educational Development impacts Achieved through Shalom-SCCRR Interventions

“Shalom’s support with essential school infrastructure has given our learners one of the best learning environment – from overcrowded and dilapidated structures to standard classrooms.” Mr. Ambrose Omange, Nyang Primary School Headteacher.

“We thank Shalom for supporting our schools with stationeries and textbooks, this has given us ample time to concentrate on our studies. Our performance in exams has improved compared to our earlier results, before Shalom came to assist us with textbooks, stationeries and desks.” Ruth Glorious, the Chairperson of Kalyet Primary School Peace Club, expresses her appreciation to Shalom-SCCRR.

“Before Shalom’s help, our classrooms, sitting arrangements were in pathetic condition where learners could share up to 5 a desk; of which, more than half of the desks were broken. This risked safety of the learners and their physical well-being. In such conditions, teaching was kind of a penance because there was minimal concentration, pushing and pulling between the learners, absenteeism and so on. With the intervention of Shalom-SCCRR, at least in some classes, students have each a desk… This has created a proper learning environment and consequently improved academic performance and motivation for learners to attend school.” Mrs. Beatrice Nalo, Teacher at Kibigori Railway Primary School.

“Construction of standard toilets by Shalom-SCCRR to schools along the Kisumu-Nandi borderline has improved the hygiene and eased congestion of pupils and students in using the facilities.” Mr. Jackim Otieno Headteacher St. George Wuok Primary School.

“The installation of the fence and the gate has enabled security of the school premises and better control of learners by preventing them from sneaking out of school. By keeping intruders and trespassers away, there is a conducive and safe learning environment.” Mr. Joel Chumba, Kipsisiin Primary School, Deputy Headteacher.   

“We are ready to compete with other renowned and nationally highflying schools because Shalom has assisted us with Science Laboratory equipment,” remarks Mr. Paul Macharia, the principal at St. Peter’s Soba Secondary School.

We are very grateful for Shalom presence in our communities. First, we didn’t know what peace was, today we know and enjoy fruits of peace. Our schools, markets, health centers and other community institutions were gravely affected by conflict, but now they are all running without interruption and new companies are coming to this area. They empowered us with knowledge and skills to initiate peacebuilding activities by ourselves as ordinary community members. Shalom-SCCRR’s work with the two communities had impact and its still making a difference… Your presence will be always with us in our peace and development.” Mr. Ambrose Ngetich, Shalom trained, group animator from Tinderet, Nandi County, Kenya.


Arthur Magero Abonyo MA, Project Officer; Kisumu- Nandi & Nakuru Projects

Francis Mwangi, MA – Shalom-SCCRR Monitoring, Evaluation, Research, Learning Officer (MERL)

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