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Shalom’s Founder Congratulates President Bill Clinton on International Caring Award

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Award WinnersFr. Patrick Devine SMA has congratulated former U.S. President Bill Clinton on receiving the 2014 International Caring Award. Fr. Patrick was the recipient of the Award in 2013 for establishing the Shalom Center for Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation (SCCRR) in Kenya and for his contribution to peace and development in Africa over the past 25 years. In 2012 the Dalai Lama was the winner of the award.

“On behalf of Shalom and the people in eastern Africa we’re so privileged to work with, we sincerely congratulate President Clinton,” said Fr. Devine. “His work for peace and reconciliation through his public service and the Clinton Global Initiative is well-known in Africa, and I can say from experience that the people on the ground in the villages we visit all know of President Bill Clinton.”

Each year, winners of the prestigious public service prize are chosen by the prestigious Board of Trustees of the Caring Institute. In addition to Bill Clinton, Fr. Patrick Devine and the Dalai Lama, other previous winners include Colin Powell Mother Teresa of Calcutta, former US president Jimmy Carter, and Paul Newman. The Caring Awards are co-chaired by former U.S. Senators Robert Dole and Tom Daschle.

Fr. Devine said that the Clinton Foundation’s focus on key structural economic problems in Africa, including eastern Africa where Shalom works, are much appreciated and help in efforts for long-term peace and reconciliation.

“Peace is not the mere absence of war,” said Fr. Devine. “We need human development and support for education and people’s welfare. President Clinton clearly understands this. As someone born and raised in Ireland, I also have a keen personal appreciation for Bill Clinton’s commitment to peace. His contribution to enduring peace and sustainable development is much needed here in Africa. May God continue to bless him with wisdom, health and happiness.”

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