Nairobi business-woman, social entrepreneur and Board Member of the Shalom Center for Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation, Rosaline Serem, MBA, highlighted “the deeply pervasive impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic” in an article published in Independent Catholic News in London.

“Beyond the current health crisis, the far-reaching ramifications will be both human and economic, inter-mingling in a downward spiral. In Africa, the pandemic is already disrupting millions of people’s livelihoods with disproportionate suffering among poor households and small, informal businesses. Experts expect this to accelerate, and this could undermine the peace and security of the country and the region” she wrote.

“More than ever, there will be an increased need for proven expertise in intervention and facilitation skills to remediate and transform competition for resources to meet human needs, violence, conflict, religious ideological extremism and inter-ethnic tensions, as they build on each other exponentially. And there will be a greater need for inspirational leadership and strategic advice from an organization like Shalom that has achieved the extraordinary respect of local leaders, government officials and other NGOs working among vulnerable groups.

“Shalom is in a unique position to aid the Kenyan people because of their proven conflict resolution methodology, their earned respect across sectors of the Eastern African region, and their network of influential spokespeople who have been trained in the Shalom peace transformation philosophy and process. The Shalom team has the experience, the commitment to this work, and the resolve to ensure their efforts make a lasting impact.”

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