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Updates from the field: Conflict Management Workshops in Amakuriat

Conflict management workshops in Amakuriat help quell conflict in the region.

Where is Amakuriat?

Amakuriat is an area located in the North West of Kenya, close to the Ugandan Border. These days, it is home to the Pokot Community, a group of traditional pastoralists who have recently started farming in the area. Consequently, the area has begun to experience conflict between communities over grazing rights, boundaries and access to water, resulting in numerous incidences of people being killed, maimed or displaced.

Shalom Aids in the Creation of Long-Term, Sustainable Peace

In an effort to interrupt and prevent the further eruption of violence in the region, our qualified team of conflict management experts began running a series of workshops designed to bring together state actors, local opinion shapers, community leaders, women and youth committed to the creation of sustainable, long-term peace.

Conflict Management Workshop, Shalom

All the participants of workshops run by Shalom have graduated in the skills and competencies of conflict-management. Following the workshops, they are encouraged to become active within their community, researching the root causes of violence amongst communities.

Conflict Management Workshop, Shalom

The conflict management workshop run Shalom Center for Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation (SCCRR) builds the capacity of people to the highest standard in conflict management skills. Each graduate participates in university equivalent learning opportunities that allows them to actively participate in the creation of a lasting peace.

Conflict Management Workshop, Shalom

The picture below shows one of our participants receiving a certificate in Conflict Theory and Management – but that’s not all. This woman has also received a certificate in Introduction to Conflict Studies, Paradigms of Conflict and Management, Strategist Paradigm, Peace Research Paradigm, Conflict Research Paradigm, Conflict Transformation, and Reconciliation.

Conflict Management Workshop, Shalom

At Shalom, we understand that change is a gradual process. This is why we invite community members back for a second, and sometimes third, training, during which they can apply what they have learned so far to everyday real-life situations.

Conflict Management Workshop, Shalom

Shalom is extremely honored to work alongside such incredible, motivating individuals including those who continue to join the program from in and around Amakuriat! Congratulations to the elders and youth who continue to learn and engage with their local communities in the search for peace.

Conflict Management Workshop, Shalom

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