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Shalom-SCCRR Congratulates Tangaza University for being awarded its University Charter

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Shalom-SCCRR fraternity congratulates Tangaza University in Kenya on receiving its University Charter.  A wonderful achievement! As an organization, we join the institution in celebrating this great milestone. We recognize the immense efforts of the University Council towards the realization of this great milestone.  Shalom-SCCRR is proud of collaborating with Tangaza University which is a beacon of excellence in education, and it’s wonderful to see the university positively impacting the lives of students from diverse nationalities, ethnicities and religious backgrounds. In 2020 Tangaza University and Shalom-SCCRR signed an MOU.

Rev. Dr. Patrick Devine, Shalom-SCCRR’s International Chairman, is the Vice-Chairman of the University Council as well as the Chairman of Corporate Affairs.  He has over 35 years of experience in Eastern Africa, dealing with issues of underdevelopment, conflict, and religious ideological extremism. Since 1995, in a formal capacity, he has contributed enormously in many roles to the leadership, governance and development of Tangaza University, including 13 years as a lecturer at the institute. His steadfast commitment and contributions have been instrumental in the institution’s journey towards achieving University charter status, reflecting a strong dedication to excellence in education and institutional growth.        

It is truly inspiring to acknowledge Shalom-SCCRR’s collaboration and involvement with academic institutions – locally, regionally and internationally – such as Tangaza University, Queens University (Belfast, Northern Ireland), Maynooth University (Maynooth, Ireland), Harvard University (USA) among many others, with dedication to transforming situations of structural and manifest conflict, and promoting sustainable peace. Shalom-SCCRR’s work in implementing conflict transformation interventions for sustained development in Eastern Africa continues to be at the forefront of local and global attention in respect to its methodology and success.

Accordingly, it is commendable to see the allegiance of Rev. Dr. Patrick Devine in leading efforts towards bringing about meaningful transformation at the newly chartered Tangaza University. His commitment to sustainable peace and development, excellence in teaching and learning, and nurturing responsible students with holistic enlightenment is crucial for the overall success and impact of the University. He is very keen that a BA Degree in Philosophy with a Focus on Peace and Security will develop in Tangaza University in the near future, with a related master’s degree program to follow; Shalom-SCCRR is analyzing and considering all the dynamics of collaboration and support for these visionary initiatives. His leadership and vision will undoubtedly inspire further positive change and growth within the institution as we, the Shalom-SCCRR teams in Eastern Africa, the USA, Ireland, and the UK, say congratulations to Tangaza University for the award of University Charter.

As the Tangaza University family – governance, administration, students – continue to strive for academic excellence and nurturing secular and religious (including interreligious) leaders of society, Shalom-SCCRR wish them the very best in their endeavors, and hope that their efforts will continue to inspire and empower future generations.

Congratulations to Tangaza University for this significant milestone of receiving the University Charter. This achievement marks a new chapter in the institution’s journey, paving the way for further growth and expansion.

Mr. Godfrey Okoth (MA, PhD Candidate) – Shalom-SCCRR Senior Project Officer

Mr. Arthur Magero Abonyo (MA) Shalom-SCCRR Project Officer

Ms. Esther Kibe, MA – Shalom-SCCRR Women’s Project Officer & Communications Department

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